Flatwork is our true talent at O’Connor Contractors. Our team consists of cement masons, carpenters, and laborers that have decades of experience in providing quality flatwork. Whether it is large, interior slab on grade, elevated slabs and toppings, or Portland Cement Concrete Paving, O’Connor Contractors has the experience and has laid and finished millions of square feet of each type of flatwork.

As the owners and operators of two Somero Laser Screeds, O’Connor Contractors has the ability to provide flatwork with extremely high flatness/levelness tolerences at a rate that very few can match. O’Connor Contractors is virtually unlimited in the size and quality of the pours that we can make. We also operate a 3-D Profiler for our laser screeds. This gives us the ability to create multiple slopes for drainage, which opens up numerous possibilities for paving projects.